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Barbara Patron

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Military Mom

Saint Barbara


Patron Saint


A Greek Orthodox icon of St. Barbara, patron saint of firefighters....

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Saint Barbara | IcCSBarb - St. Barbara Orthodox Cross Stitch Pattern Icon

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St. James the Persian Orthodox Icon » Mounted Orthodox Icons of J Saints »

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1St Century

George Slays

Saint George. Orthodox icon

Katherine College

Saint Katherine

Alexandria Saint

Catherine Of Alexandria

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St. Katherine of Alexandria, my patron saint.

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St. George (Patron Saint of My Family ... Tribe)

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Icon with Saint Demetrios, ca. 950–1000 Byzantine Inscribed in Greek: Saint Demetrios Ivory

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Beautiful Orthodox icon.

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Miniature icon of Martyrdom of Saint Barbara.

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This icon, made in 1774, comes from the Greek Orthodox church, where the veneration of holy images has always been of great importance. It may show St George of Cappadocia, a legendary martyr saint said to have died in Palestine towards the end of the 3rd century. | VandA Collection

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Apostles 12

st paul icon - Google Search

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Jonah and the whale. Orthodox icon

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Stpaulsww Org

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St Nicholas of Myra

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Icon of Sts. Raphael, Nicholas & Irene - Great Greek Orthodox Church in Cumming, Georgia

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Christ Pantocrator icon,1352, Pskov, Russia, from the cathedral of the Three Saints of the monastery of the Savior and St.Eleazar.

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A beautiful Orthodox icon of our Guardian Angel