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Russian nationalists march through the crowd during an anti-government protest in Moscow June 12, 2012.

Hillary's False Flag Uncovered, US Elections in Peril! - YouTube 29:19 Pub Oct 15, 2016 ... Alex uncovers the possibility of a nefarious plot to vilify the Russians and throw the nation into chaos allowing Hillary to Steal the Election!

SHOCK: CORRUPTION Link to Clinton Foundation & Obama to Create WWW 3 thr...

BREAKING: Julian Assange Finally Releases October Surprise, U.S. Rights Sold On International Market

Incredible blockbuster reporting by Brian Ross. He even interviewed and got on record that Trump has received 100s of millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs! Trump even invited a reported Russian Mafia figure to one of his events, per the report.  ...

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26 Handmade Candy Gifts for Christmas

Russian Fudge with Baileys | Click for 26 Homemade Candy Recipes for Christmas | Easy Handmade Candy Gifts for Christmas

While serving as secretary of state to President Obama, Hillary Clinton delivered one fifth of America’s uranium deposits to Russia. So charge investigators who have been delving into the murky — and very alarming — dealings of Secretary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation with a company known as Uranium One, and various “private” Russian companies and official Russian agencies. Moreover, her critics accuse Hillary and Bill Clinton of raking in a huge fortune (over $130 million) from the…