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Styles of chair backs

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37 Must-See Cheats That Will Help You In Your Next Home Interior Project

Antique Leg Styles -- These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Decorate Your Home-- Interior design cheat sheets FTW.

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BENT CHAIR ID: Thonet patented a process of bending under heat several layers of wood veneer glued together and laminated.and used the new material to create curved back-rails and legs on chairs, contoured headboards for beds and scrolled arms for sofas.

This chart was originally published in 1907 on the february issue of Popular Mechanics. It shows designs that are still popular these days.

This chart was originally published in 1907 on the february issue of Popular Mechanics.


… And learn the styles of chair legs as well 50 Amazingly Clever Cheat Sheets To Simplify Home Decorating Projects

For anyone who's ever lived in a tiny home or had a home with very small spaces, the obsession with wanting to make a room look and feel bigger than it is can take over your life. Though there are many tricks, none are quite as effective and versatile as the four in this post. Trick your eye and fool your mind into thinking you have more space than you do!

No-Fail Design Tricks: How To Make Any Room Feel More Spacious

Photo: Madrid apartment by Luis Puerta. Love this floor-to-ceiling antiqued parquet flooring (very European), simple crown and lovely