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A good girl quote

I may not be the girl that everyone wants, but at least i'm not the girl that everyone's had - It's been my motto for years :)

or die tryin

messy, stupid and ignorant. i know of that bitch. glad i'm bad, cause this bitch is getting rich.

Good words so true space can provide much clarity

Distance sometimes lets you know who's worth keeping and who's worth letting go. I really dislike Lana Del Rey but this quote is so damn true.

It's your self worth too!!

My fellow women of the world: Put on some clothes. You want a man to give you the time of day, leave a little up to the imagination and respect yourself. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the beholder is anyone you want it to be.

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Hell Hath No Fury. *Note -- Not Everyone I Love/Loved, Trust/Trusted has…

Marilyn Quotes and Sayings if you're going to be two faced | Quotes Marilyn Monroe

Ya know I have meet a lot of people in my life and most of them don't even have the ability to see when they are being two faced and the ones who do know they are are the ugliest inside and out the ones who don't just need a ditch of guidance.

Amen!! If you want to know something about me, ask. Don't make an ass out of u & me by assuming you know me. Because, what you think you know about me, is nothing compared to who I really am :)

I’m mistaken for a flirt when I’m friendly. I’m mistaken for mean when I’m honest. I’m mistaken for sad when I want to be alone. I’m mistaken for shy when I’m quiet Quit assuming and get to know me-STORY OF MY LIFE!