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We love these 10 blogs written by famous moms! From healthy dinners to family fashion, these multitasking moms share helpful hints we can all relate to. (Yes, even if there are no red carpets in our future).

No, your closely spaced children are nothing like having twins. But thanks for trying to relate.

10 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied While You Cook Dinner

10 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied While You Cook Dinner ~ Foam Shapes on Patio Door - Follow the Leader - Audio Books - Quiet "church" Books - Play Doh - Stickers - Paint Chip Matching Games - Ziploc Mess-Free Painting - Dust Rag - Legos

50 Family Fun Ideas For $10 or Less

50 Family Fun Ideas for $10 or Less -- there are some GREAT ideas in this post!

'How was your day?' is not the best way to get your kids to dish on how school was

Does your kid act like they're in the CIA when you ask them how was their day? Brilliant list will help you get answers!

Power struggles between parents and children happen. How you respond to them helps mitigate the struggles in the future. Get tips from Positive Parenting Connection.

Routines to help keep a tidy home with kids

Some easy and fun routines to help keep your home tidy even if you have small children. Moms who need to get their households in order will want to read this.

Rules for Kids - 10 Things Your 10-Year-Old Shouldn't Do

10 Things Your 10-11-12-13-Year-Old Should NOT Be Doing.! I see this all the time on FB .. Kids that I used to babysit & I wonder what are there parents thinking!! Law will not grow up too fast!!