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Portrait of an aristocratic woman of Lhasa wearing typical Central Tibetan coral and pearl headdress, turquoise ear-rings, a “gau” (amulet box) at her neck, and the married woman’s striped apron. The pose and setting, with the European furniture and textiles of a wealthy Lhasa family, is carefully arranged in the style of Indian studio photography.

Lhasa | One of Tsarong's daughters, either Kate or Tess. She is wearing a Lhasa headdress (mutig patruk) decorated with corals and pearls, ear ornaments (agor) and a ga'u necklace. She is also wearing a silk chuba and decorated felt boots. | Tibetan. ca. 1936 - 1950 | ©Hugh Edward Richardson

Collection: Sir Charles Bell, Date of Photo: 1920-1921, Region: Lhasa, Aristocratic wife of Lhasa official in gala attire. The typical Central Tibetan head-dress is mainly of pearls with a few large corals; the earrings of turquoises. The charm-box “ga’u” (amulet box) on the chest is of gold, set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and turquoises’.

Tibet | Aristocratic young woman close-up. The jewellery is very heavy with the earrings being made of gold and turquoise and the amulet made of gold, turquoise and jade. Her head dress would have been covered in red cloth with corals and pearls used as decoration. This young woman was attending a New Year party at the Dekyi Lingka. She has applied a beauty spot to her forehead | Lhasa; 1937 | ©Frederick Spencer Chapman

Traditional handcrafted silver head ornament, Miao minority group, Southwest China (Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan Provinces)