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    Video-Autism research takes brains: Cynthia Schumann at TEDxUCDavis-Since officially launching the Brain Endowment for Autism Research Sciences (BEARS) tissue program in February of 2012, Dr. Cyndi Schumann has given outreach lectures to the community, parent organizations, organ procurement organizations, and health care providers across the county on the critical need for brain donation to autism research.

  • Leslie Lippe-Trevizo

    Autism research takes brains: Cynthia Schumann at TEDxUCDavis

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To learn more about the brain is what I hope to get out of this class. My advice to u. Go with the mind not the heart!! I am heart, u r brain

See-through brains by Kerri Smith, By using a chemical treatment to turn whole brains transparent, Karl Deisseroth and his research team can examine the brain's structure in detail in three dimensions! Thanks to Ben Silbermann ! #Neuroscience #CLARITY2

fun. I think my smell and taste room is bigger. And WTH is my personal assitant? HELLO! Could really use that.

Parts of the brain and their function. Slanted toward women - parts that are 'bigger in women.'

Brain imaging alone cannot diagnose autism: Brain scans. An expert cautions against heralding the use of brain imaging scans to diagnose autism and urges greater focus on conducting large, long-term multicenter studies to identify the biological basis of the disorder. (Credit: © forestpath / Fotolia)

Infographic: Language and Your Brain - explains aphasia that can occur from a stroke or other brain injury