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5 water play features of backyard fun!!! With 5 features, 15 ground nozzles, you are sure to get wet on this residential splash pad!

Camp Clay Aqua Park

Camp Carl for the Van Wert YMCA splash pad in Van Wert, Ohio. 3,600 sq ft of water fun! 6 above ground water play features and over 30 below ground nozzles the kids are soaked on this water park!

City of Crawfordsville

Crawford, Indiana My Splash Pad residential splash park installation! A great sensory splash pad with the Spray Bumps and the Sensory Mini-Mushroom. combining touch sensory and water for a fun splash pad!! #splashpad #mysplashpad #residentialsplashpad #sensory #sensorywithwater #safefun #madeinAmerica

Ohio YMCA spray water park. 3,000+ splash pad with 4 above ground water play features and countless ground nozzles

City of Crawfordsville

This residential splash pad could be at a hotel it has so many water play features. 18 ground nozzles, a Large Mushroom, 2 Water Cannons, a Fire Hydrant, a Single Dump Bucket and 680 sq ft of MSP Safer Surface.

Stunning backdrop to this Texas splash pad that we installed. Right on the edge of the lake. # above ground water play features, 12 below ground nozzles on our exclusive platform surface and MSP Safer Surface for a fun, safe and color splash pad.

Northwest Christian Child Care Center

150 sq ft Daycare splash pad! Fresh water system using our exclusive splash pad platform system that allows us to install the safety surface at the time of the splash pad installation with out the 30 day wait that concrete mandates before you can seal it up. You can have Fun, Safe and Colorful water play right away. The Fire Hydrant, Alligator, Ladybug and the ground nozzles the kids are going to be soaked on this splash pad!