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healingtarotnet#pickacard The results for week 45 are: Yellow: Women, ladies, mothers, aunts, girlfriends they are all a theme for you this week. It will be about pure femininity and the responsabilities and the rights of women or what you think is your responsability and what isn't. It might even catch your attention when you read a newspaper or you keep thinking about what it means to be a woman. Ofcourse we are influenced by media and culture. But what.. >>>Read More>>>

Sometimes people feel like they are “stuck” in their psychic and mediumship development. And you probably know by now that meditation is an important part of growing your gifts because it raises your vibration, BUT… What if you are plain ole’ tired of hearing about meditation because you just don’t like it, or find it …


Journey Through The Elements And Awaken Your Psychic Senses

Archangel Raziel connects in this powerful new guided meditation. All of the magic of the universe is available to you, within when you open to experience the Divine love, light and magic!

from Mountain Valley Center - One Stop Shop for Body, Mind & Spirit

Thrive Amulet

Prosperity Amulet (Abundance) EMERALD and CITRINE complement each other by attracting prosperity and abundance in all things. PERIDOT opens up new doors of opportunity and AMETHYST awakens our psychic ability and intuition, allowing the prosperity to flow in. CLEAR QUARTZ deflects negativity and enhances positive changes in the wearer. positive changes in the wearer. Planetary Influence: Saturn, Venus, Sun and Jupiter Chakras: 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th