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Saturation / folie by on @deviantART

glitch effect tutorial by raikissu 1. Draw whatever you want to "glitch" up 2. use the square select tool 3. and move parts of the object just a little 4. [repeat] and even add and cut squares if you want 5. here I used another layer and placed a blue square over top of it, and turned the opacity down to 34% 6. Cut squares into the blue square 7. [lock opacity] and go crazy with colors. 8. raise the saturation on original glitch layer. 9. outline (optional)

Nightwing progress. Driving myself crazy tweaking brightness, saturation, etc #nightwing #dccomics #comics #wip

Back to Nightwing cause I really gotta finish this. Painting, levels, and saturation fixes. #nightwing #dccomics #comics #wip

Author Unknown. The blending and various levels of saturation do a nice job in drawing attention to the central tree while giving the eye some interesting negative space to enjoy.