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Eiko visita al Rey del Fuego.

Eiko visita al Rey del Fuego.

Lots of Masonic symbols here

Illuminati: Keep the sun and moon in mind; almost every new song brings reference to these two. FYI: A lot of people pin this picture through ignorance because they like the design or symbols, not knowing its meaning in Secret Societies

Human Anatomy related to Temple of Solomon (Occult)as was called those in Yeshua. and Castle of Camelot (Anatomy) the real Occult. Death n life


The “Virgin Sophia” pictured as the wisdom that permeates the material…

Hidden Hand - Masonic Pose -Hand Signals of Freemasonry illuminati satanists. Even low level freemasons don't know the real truth about Freemasonry (they also lie to them) which's worship of Lucifer (satan) and the aim is sadistic New World Order... (about masonry> 41.30 min.)

Hidden Hand - Masonic Pose -Hand Signals of Freemasonry - Satanic symbols and handsigns

SOSS: A Model to Interrupt Amygdala Hijack. Stop –Physically withdraw. If impossible, name the trigger or emotion... Oxygenate- Taking deep breaths w/ intention & purpose. Pay attention to... Strengthen appreciation- It’s difficult to get hijacked while focusing on appreciation, particularly if u can appreciate the source of the hijack... Survey the landscape- Take the time to revisit the hijack experience... 4 PTSD but also use a kid version for students who over-react to situations at…

Brain changes in an addict make it hard to resist heroin and similar drugs - The Washington Post

Audie Murphy, June 1924 - May 1971, was the most decorated American soldier of world war 2. During twenty-seven months in action in the European Theatre he received the Medal of Honor, the U.S. military's highest award for valor, along with 32 additional U.S. and foreign awards (medals, ribbons, citations, badges) including five awards from France and one from Belgium. After the war he became a celebrated movie star for over two decades.

Audie Leon Murphy (June 1924 – May was the most highly decorated soldier in WWII.

First Men in the Moon (Nathan Juran Lionel Jeffries, Edward Judd, Martha first big screen sci-if movie!