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7 Can't-Miss Party Ideas

Make even the simplest affair sublime with these finishing touches from entertaining expert Amy Atlas.
  • Charlotte Pagan

    Easy Petits Fours: Use a serrated knife to cut the crust off a pound cake, then slice the cake into one-inch squares. Place them on a cooling rack with parchment paper underneath, pour icing over the squares, and let set for an hour. Amy Atlas's 60-second icing recipe? Mix four tablespoons of water to two cups of sifted confectioner's sugar. Tint the mixture by stirring in a bit of gel food-coloring. Read more: Pink Icing Petits Fours - Amy Atlas Entertaining Ideas - Country Living

  • Cathy Jordan

    Turn Premade Pound Cake into Petits Fours! 1. Cut the crust off a pound cake with a serrated kinfe. 2. Slice the cake into one-inch squares. 3. Place them on a cooling rack with parchment paper underneath 4. Pour icing over the squares & let set for an hour Easy icing recipe: 4 Tablespoons of water to 2 Cups sifted confectioner's sugar. Tint by stirring in a little gel food coloring. From: Amy Atlas Entertaining Ideas - Inexpensive Party Decorating Ideas - Country Living

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Pretty petits fours for when the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty are invited over for tea

Petit fours--You can see the layers of cake and filling, like you are supposed to.

These look so easy for the kids to help make! Don't think ours will be quite as fancy, but equally tasty!

Cake with icing and a flower. Looks amazing! Tip: Store in a card board box that is not completely airtight or the icing can get sticky. The refrigerator will melt the icing.

Pound cake would be easier to slice than regular cake to make the petits fours

easy petit fours -This is fabulous idea, because I really want petit fours right this very second

blue with yellow daisies by annie There is no link directly to the person who made these but these are some cute petit fours, two bite cakes.

These darling cakes are made from a pound cake mix and glazed with melted canned frosting, allowing you more time to spend on the marzipan decorations and chocolate hearts.

Luscious Lemon Petit Four Gift Box (8 piece). $16.00, via Etsy.