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  • Ortencia Cruz

    Amazing Bright Eyes How To Tutorial Photoshop eye sharpening

  • Jeanine Phillips

    Amazing Bright Eyes Tutorial

  • Candy Gemmill

    Not a fan of changing eye color, but here's one way to brighten eyes>> Amazing Bright Eyes How To Tutorial

  • Jennifer Vining

    Eye Sharpening - Photoshop tutorial. Amazing Bright Eyes How To Tutorial

  • Jenny Story

    Amazing Bright Eyes How To Tutorial- The amazing things you can do with photo editing!!! I doubt I'll ever get to play with this, but I'll pin it just in case lol.

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5 Ways to Make Eyes Pop in Photoshop Elements...making the eyes pop is my favoritee:)

Perfecting and cleaning up an image. Use the stamp tool to extend background and other tools for a seamless background - Jessica Drew Photography

i probably know how to do this already but pinning it to read later just in case it's actually something new. Can't ever know too much about something and can always learn more! ~Imelda~

Great tip! photo editing & I really need to learn how to photoshop! Beginners+to+Photoshop:+Photo+Editing+is+Easier+Than+You+Think!

Working with layers is easy but you have to know your end result before you start mixing channels and curves to create great lighting effects. It's a fine line between artistic photography and great image manipulations and an over blown theatrical mess.

YOU NEED THIS. Bright eyes Photoshop Action, FREE, works wonders! Hands down my fave go-to.

Making the Eyes Pop in Lightroom 4 {I guess I need to upgrade ;)}

SO FAR MY FAVE Tutorial on Making eyes pop...if you use Elements when you get to the part that says......