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FREEBIE! I’ve found that the most effective way to keep things calm (yet still fun!) in my classroom is to constantly mix up my reward system! My expectations always stay the same, but how I reward positive behavior is constantly changing. In order to keep things fresh and fun, we started using this motivating Bravo Behavior Board I made up in our classroom.

Bravo Behavior- when the entire table has bravo behavior, the teacher will choose a student to shade in 1 square. 3 shaded squares equals a prize.or individual behavior chart?

Some of THE best classroom management ideas I've seen!

For teachers: Do you ever have a student that just needs to get out of the room for a minute and get a new perspective? Give them "The mysterious envelope" to deliver. (I like the "mystery student" idea too)

Classroom Management - I like the wording of each misbehavior. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @so siu ki Inc. Resources.

Love the fact that it says, "I chose to." Red Notes to Parents for Behavior Management and Classroom Behavior Agreement Plan

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Collaborating with students to establish classroom rules is very important to me. My students and I will work together to establish rules for the year and post them where we can see them.

All Students Can Shine: Apps For Classroom Management Too Noisy Meter, Name Selector, Group Creator!

Apps For Classroom Management

All Students Can Shine: Apps For Classroom Management Too Noisy Meter, Name Selector, Group Creator! I've used this too noisy app before.

We had two snow days last week!  Can I get an A-MEN? So my lesson plans are a little different next week but I am leaving my stations the same.   We expect more snow this week and I suspect we will be out again.   Brace yourself… this post is LONG!   Anyhow, during...Read More »

Peek at my Week-do overs and writing..Link up

Need an easy classroom management tool to reward students? How about Classroom Reward Coupons? My students LOVE these Reward Coupons! I love them, too! Make your life easier with 62 Fun, Easy, and virtually FREE (all but four) Classroom Coupons.

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I use these Whole Brain Teaching attention getters on a daily basis with my ELL students. These attention getters are a great way to improve your classroom management. I usually pick one or two to teach the class at the beginning of the year.