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True friends..

Every time! Don't underestimate my Embarrassing abilities :]

if you're my friend, it's more likely to be ho, bitch, babe, nerd, weirdo, idiot, sexy, beautiful, child, dear, love, etc...but if I don't know you I guess I'd be forced to use the ones on the post 😅😅 but I prob. wouldn't be talking to someone I don't know that well anyway. also I refuse to use mate. just no. ew. animals engaging in coitus is the only acceptable use for the word mate.

Photo: He couldn't hide the truth for long~

"I pretend that my depression has gotten better just so my friends don't worry anymore "

How could you not love J-Hope he's just so adorable and amazing

"Am I the only one who thinks, "love you" and "I love you." have two different meanings?"

"If you can name this movie, we can be friends"

I do love my mummzie sooo I must lol:")

"My favorite kind of pain is in my stomach when my friends makes me laugh too hard."

That is so one of my best friends attitude . But I just keep my distance