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I still collect pretty stationary and write hand-written letters. It’s just my way of saying… “Hey, I was thinking about you, and I wanted to put a smile on your face” Receiving a letter in the mail is one of the small pleasures in life that has almost been forgotten. ~Charlotte

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Pietro Antonio Rotari (Italian, 1707-1762)

Hans had a plan. He would burn the original will make a new one and steal his fathers inheritance. Why not, the old goat wouldn't know how to spend that much money and Hans owed lots. He had told his friends for yrs. "when i get my money"..... richtor

from A Writer's Discrepant Memoirs and Other Tales

Writing Prompt #62

I've been slacking, I know, so let's get back on track. Here is this week's Writing Prompt...are you up for the challenge? Happy Writing!  And don't forget to share!

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