• Julie Ramsey

    pizza scissors cool stuff

  • Jaime Escandon

    Hilarious pizza slice scissors (gadgets, ideas, inventions, cool, fun, amazing, new, interesting, product, design, clever, practical, useful, gizmo, brilliant, genius, kitchen, food)

  • Neuer Umschau Buchverlag

    pizza scissors!! #kitchengadgets

  • Laura McGovern

    pizza cutter scissors! I don't eat pizza but I love this idea! :)

  • Francine Metz Entrepreneur

    cool kitchen gadget! This would work great with my awesome low carb pizza recipe Some of these things are so cool. How did I ever live without them? Chopper, slicer, pots, pans, dishes, cooking, baking, clever gifts, tools, products, @francinemetz CHECK OUT LINK IN PROFILE TO GET CASH BACK

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