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Central Arcade - Newcastle upon Tyne I love to visit Windows my favorite music store in the whole world

Karen Blixen by Peter Beard (1962) - In an interview, receiving the Nobel Prize, Ernest Hemingway said, "As a Nobel Prize winner I cannot but regret that the award was never given to Mark Twain, nor to Henry James, speaking only of my own countrymen. Greater writers than these also did not receive the prize. I would have been happy--happier--today if the prize had been given to that beautiful writer Isak Dinesen. . . ."

Contemporary Part Earth Sheltered Split Level House, Truro, CornwallSuper insulated timber frame sustainable build utilising recycled insulation, breathable construction and natural materials. Passive solar heating, solar thermal and photovoltaic collectors to generate electricity. Underground bedrooms with thermal mass and green roofs. The house has been designed to minimise its impact upon the landscape and environment.

The Tiny Tea House is a beauty of a tiny house on wheels with all of the amenities (and then some) needed for small, simply living. More photos and writeup is here.

'I could picture the farmstead which was his home and had been his father's before him...the low house a pale lemon wash, the roof tiled, the farm and outbuildings a smudge amidst the flat brown fields heaped now with line upon line of pumpkins, lime green or salmon pink, rounded and firm, left to dry before they were fed to the beasts for winter fodder or to the farm people themselves as soup' — Chapter I, The Scapegoat, Daphne du Maurier

The minimum of architecture: a base to flatten the ground and a roof and glass walls for cover against the elements. Villa Overby by John Robert Nilsson.

Flat roof repairs or new builds for extensions, dormers, workshops or balconies. We use the very latest up to date qualified Cold Applied Liquid Membrane. This is applied with NO seams or joins, which are the problem with tar/pitch/paper membranes. It is an extremely hard working surface which can be walked upon with no problems. The repairs or new builds are given a lifetime guarantee. This is truly the best flat roof system ever.