Ljosalfar Light elves live in Alfheim where they are subjects of Freyr


Soa Lee is a artist based in Yongin, Korea (South). She uses Studio Max to create beautiful CG portraits and digital female characters that are lifelike and stunningly detailed.

Elladan of Rivendell

previous pinner said: Elladan (brother to Arwen) - artist unknown to me. Elves are supoosed to be beautiful and noble-looking, so I am used to Elves in Fan art who ridiculously good-looking. But this is by far the most beautiful elf I've ever seen.

Girl and Pegasus - 30 Mind-Blowing Examples of Angel Art  <3 !

30 Mind-Blowing Examples of Angel Art

witch fairy

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Sade is a vision in full mermaid regalia in her music video for No Ordinary Love . It was released in 1992 on the record, Love Deluxe & .


Flame Witch: ~ "The Fire Caller," by PerlaMarina, at deviantART.


Fukami Kazuha Fantasy Art - Goddess of the Moon 1000 Micro Piece Jigsaw Puzzle