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10 Weird Ways Your Brain Is Tricking You

Our brain decides how we perceive everything around us. It informs our decisions, guiding us carefully through the fog that is the world around us . . . except for when it lies to...


Pick: Totally Cool Snake Of The Day

This California Red Garter Snake looks as if he slithered his way into a paint spill! Have you ever seen a snake like this?! (photo: I F***ing Love Science)

View The Milky Way From Mars... #lol #haha #funny

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Rainbow Ants Science Experiment With Kids- something about paraffin in the droplets to hold them together and not every type if ant has transparent stomaches.

This video is a cool way to get your children interested in science. The results from a few of these experiments look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi horror film. Some of these experiments do involve fire, so make sure you’re careful. Press play to see how these chemicals react.