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People gesture in certain ways depending on the language they speak. A new study including blind and sighted people suggests that these gestural variations do not emerge from watching other speakers make the gestures but from learning the language itself.

Mounting evidence suggests 'hobbits' were wiped out by modern humans' ancestors 50000 years ago.

Fluoroquinolones - once effective anti-tuberculosis drugs - might rejoin our arsenal of anti-bacterial drugs perhaps even as effective options for other bacterial threats.

Why scientists are so worried about sea-level rise in the second half of this century - The study finds that by 2100 New York could see a sea level rise of more than 3.5 feet.

Your Brain Is Primed To Reach False Conclusions - New study finds college students had more difficulty learning a new concept when it was related to false information that they had received earlier.

Frequent viewing of selfies that have been posted on social media sites such as Facebook is linked to decreased self-esteem and life satisfaction a study found.

A new study explains how cephalopods are able to camouflage themselves in vivid colors despite being only able to see in black and white.