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If you're going to read this, don't bother. After a couple of pages, you won't want to be here. So forget it. Go away. Get out while you're still in one piece. Save yourself. There has to be something better on television. Or since you have so much...

i collect candles and postcards // yellow is my favorite color in the rainbow // mint is my favorite color not in the rainbow // black is my favorite color to wear // i adore and obsess over anything...

Leonardo DiCaprio and the Lakers


For what it's worth I'll always be an guy. Granted I didn't even hit my teens until the but when it comes to stuff like He-Man, Topps Baseball Car

Jack & Rose ♡♡♡ they are soooooo perfect together they belong together they are made for each other they are real true soulmates they're love last FOREVER the destiny match them