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The Navajo Culture's Four Different Genders

This new PBS documentary on 'Independent Lens' called 'Two Spirits' goes into depth on the Navajo (amongst others) conception that the world is multi-gendered. This worldview that challenges the gender binary that is so deeply embedded in Western cultures is an important part of the spring semester global history course I teach on world views and, in particular, the possibilities for gender equity through the lens of studying matriarchal societies.

MISS CHIEF EAGLE TESTICKLE- Kent Monkman is a Cree artist whose work challenges Eurocentric representations of an Indian world and masculinist conceptions. "Colonial artists" created landscapes featuring their versions of American Indian manhood and masculinity. These paintings contributed to an "imaginary Indian – the highly masculinized noble savage – that became the popular model for authenticity, challenging the identities of all those who did not fit into this limiting construct.

<i>The Worlds of Russian Village Women: Tradition, Transgression, Compromise</i> by Laura J. Olson, Svetlana Adonyeva (review)

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In Defense Of Kanye's Vanity: The Politics Of Black Self-Love

Kanye West has become a pop-culture punch line, but those who have dismissed him as aimlessly arrogant have missed the point. He is part of a long tradition of black artists who have fashioned a de.. [use in classroom to discuss CRT]

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16 Fancy Literary Techniques Explained By Disney

16 Fancy Literary Techniques Explained Because why waste money on an English degree when you can just watch Disney movies?