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Astronomy Picture of the Day for 13 Aug 2014. It is a familiar sight to sky enthusiasts with even a small telescope. There is much more to the Ring Nebula (M57), however, than can be seen through a small telescope.

An out-of-this-world experience awaits space travel enthusiasts of all ages on October 5th. A Community Day staged in conjunction with the 29th Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers offers opportunities to meet astronauts up close.

Planetary Coffee Tables

This Outer Space Table Features Mesmerizing Rings of Jupiter #furniture

Jupiter - Great Red Spot - July 7 1979 | by Kevin M. Gill

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The Planetary Society creates ways for the public to have active roles in space exploration. We seed innovative space technologies, nurture creative young minds, and are a vital advocate for our future in space.

M57 Ring Nebula Deep Field. M57 is a planetary nebula some 2000 ly away in the constellation Lyra. The central ring is about one light-year across, but this remarkably deep exposure - a collaborative effort combining data from three different telescopes - explores the looping filaments of glowing gas extending much further from the nebula's central star.

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