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Its funny last night I was looking out and I told myself that no one's face is going to appear then my brother went outside, he jumped in front of the window and screamed.scared me half to death. Never looking out the window ever again.

Everytime! Lol

*Sighs* I used to do this running up from the basement. Now I live in Florida. People here don't have this so called "basement".

Yes mother it could very well happen

Teenager Posts this is a perfect explanation!<<< i said that to my mum and she just shook her head and walked away<< so gonna use this my mom hates my messy room!

Teenager Post

Literally every moment of my life. I lay in bed thinking about how hungry I am

EVERY single time!

EVERY single time!<<<That, or I'll stomp on it and watch the straw fly or watch the pouch blow up.<<<I used to trick people into trying to drink it(insert "there are two kinds of people")

Omg this happens to me all the time!!

Or they walk up to you later and ask if you understood that math question that morning and you are like, "uhm. I didn't even realize that you were gone." true that