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Trailer Healthy You #whatsyourpath Eps 10 with Cara Brookins Full invite will be out soon.. +Cara Brookins tag line... Author, programmer, and fortunate girl who isn't afraid to try a bit of everything.

Healthy You #whatsyourpath Eps 10 with Cara Brookins #whatsyourpath I meet Cara when she was on an HOA... I was Amazed, Getting to know her these last few weeks I cannot wait to hear her story... She Built her House with her Kids and where this Amazing project built family ties and self growth. #HealthyYou #whatsyourpath #selfgrowth

Trailer for Healthy You #WhatsyourPath with Larry Fournillier 90 seconds of Record.. Hours of laughter..

Trailer Healthy You #whatsyourpath Eps 8 90 seconds of Fun with one of my favorite Brits... Andy Brine... Amazing...

Healthy Starts: Find your Motivation: general health? Your grand kids? desire to not be on meds? Find Support family, friends Co Workers, your kids! Find what you like to do to move and DO It... No Quantum leap... Just keep going... +Teresa Spencer says "you did not gain the 50lbs over night., you will not loose it over night." Keep going! Start Slow and get the endorphins going. then on and one... Watch the replay. and use HY as your support system. We are here for you...

Come meet Phil, the Rule Breaker himself as we hear about his path to Healthy... It is a story your will not want to miss..Trailer for #WhatsYourPath to Healthy You EPS 1