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"Så förändras hjärnan vid utbrändhet"- är en hyfsad artikel därför att de nämner stresshormonet kortisol som boven. Då kan vi konstatera att man vet det nu i Sverige. Jag gissar att man fått veta det rätt nyligen; ett, två år? År 2011-12 visste man ingenting, och många läkare har snurr

Numerous people are constantly complaining that they wake up exhausted and do not have the needed energy for the following day. Unfortunately, this is not only the case of older people, but young people suffer from the same problem as well. The reason for this is the lack of sleep. The recommended night sleep duration is 8 hours. In most cases, we sleep 6 or 7, and we believe that the difference that this one hour or two make cannot harm us. Yet, it seems that they can make a huge…

19 Fun Christmas Food Ideas

Stuck for ideas on what to bring to your child's Christmas party? See our blog on some fun Christmas themed food ideas. For more child-friendly ideas and diy's, please visit

Oven Roasted Green Beans

Oven roasted green beans- Roasting imparts a yummy slightly sweet and smokey taste. It makes veggies pretty amazing. If you have never tried roasting your vegetables, you really should!