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MUNICH U-BAHN: TRANSIT SYSTEM OVERVIEW: In the city of Munich, the transit system comprises the Munich U-Bahn, an underground electric rail rapid transit network, and the Munich S-Bahn a commuter train system that forms a dense urban transport network that make it easier the movement of the Bavarian capital. U-Bahn is the contraction for Untergrundbahn (underground train) in german and S-Bahn for Stadtschnellbahn (urban rapid rail). The U-Bahn has 6 lines and over 98 stations...

Chicago has a Metro system (subway metro - Metro Chicago) supplemented by a commuter rail system. It is popularly known as the Chicago 'L' (for Elevated) and is operated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). The current system comes originally from a rapid transit system on surface, which opened in 1892, and today, it is the third busiest U.S. Metro and the second oldest behind New York.

Die U-Bahn Pittsburgh, auch als T bekannt, ist ein Netzwerk von 42km in Pennsylvanien, die als eine U-Bahn im Stadtzentrum und als eine S-Bahn in den Südvororten operiert. Es verbindet North Shore und Downtown Pittsburgh mit den Südvororten und vielen anderen in South Hills. Der Betreiber und Eigentümer vom System ist Port Authority of Allegheny County (PAT) – die Hafenverwaltung von Allegheny County. #u-bahn #pittsburgh

Die Newark Straßenbahn (NLR, Newark Light Rail) operiert in Newark, Neujersey (New Jersey). Das System besteht aus zwei Abschnitten: die Newark Stadt U-Bahn (NCS – Newark City Subway) ist die wirkliche U-Bahn Sektion des Systems und die Erweiterung nach Broad Straße Station, die ebenerdig zirkuliert. Diese Dienstleistung wurde in July 2006 in Betrieb genommen #u-bahn #newark

Die U-Bahn ist das Verkehrssystem der Stadt Sendai, die Teil des Miyagi Distrikt in Japan ist. Sie steht unter der Leitung vom City Transportation Bureau of Sendai. Die U-Bahn von Sendai verbindet den Taihaku-ku Central Distrikt mit dem Izumi-Chuo Distrikt und den Vororten von Izumi-ku. #sendai #japon #subway #metro #u-bahn

Alicante Underground: General Info Alicante's subway was inaugurated in August 15, 2003 by Alicante Metropolitan TRAM. This system combines different modes of rail services: tram-train, metropolitan tramway, light metro rail and conventional train. In the future is planned to include a rapid transit bus. Alicante was the second city in Spain to reintroduce train-tram in its system. Train-tram can function as a train and as a tram with the advantages of both systems.

#Rouen is one of the smallest cities in France that has an urban transport system with an underground section. Besides the city itself, Rouen metro reaches some other suburbs such as Petit-Quevilly, Grand Quevilly, Sotteville-les-Rouen and Saint-Etienne-Rouvray. #metro #tramway

Buffalo Metro Rail Even though Buffalo is the second most populated city in New York, it's public transport system is really simple consist...

Chiba Urban Monorail is the monorail system serving the city Chiba of Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It is an elevated system where the trains are hanged from a track built at above ground level. The riding experience is more like a roller coaster ride. #chiba #monorail #japan #metro

Metro Subway ist das Rapid Transist System was Baltimore, die größte Stadt in Maryland, USA, dient. Der öffentlicher Verkehrsdienst ist vor allem durch den MTA Maryland und Charm City Circulator vorgesehen. #metro #subway #baltimore



Munich during Oktoberfest - Germany