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Frances Perkins was the first female cabinet member and served as the Secretary of Labor under President FDR. She helped create the Social Security Act.

New Years rabbit, by Jason Raish. Thinking Leporidaeic thoughts at the mo...

Japanese vintage postcard: from Folk Tales "Kachi-Kachi Yama" (Click-Clack Mountain)

from Lost At E Minor: For creative people

Drawings and paintings by Star Wallowing Bull

Star Wallowing Bull is a self-taught visual artist whose work consists of drawings and paintings which combine traditional Native American symbols with pop cultural references.

So I'm thinking that little pinecone thing maybe represents the Pineal Gland! The Ancient Aliens premise says the Gods endowed man with intelligence, right? Well, the Pineal Gland according to Indian legend represents the inner eye. And many depictions in ancient art shows an eye symbol on the forehead. There is also the eye of Horus in Egyptian lore. Even today, eye symbolism is present in secret societies like the free masons and is even on the dollar bill.

Both the ravens and Beefeaters are the guardians of the Tower of London. Whilst the Beefeaters are free to come and go; if the ravens were to leave the Tower, the kingdom would fall.


The Allotment Concept Proposes Growing Farm-Fresh Food In and On an NYC Hotel

tablet hotels, dean moran, rethink hotels, farm-to-table, sustainable food, rooftop farm, food-centric hotel

Charles Peale: Raphaelle and Titian Peale in a Trompe L'Oeil

C O L L E C T I O N on Drawing Served