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The Skin Care Product That May Be Giving You Wrinkles

Some random & interesting facts about skin

Infographic: Popular Skincare Treatments For Dark Skin:

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Skin care is more effective if your face is steamy-damp when you apply a product.

Wrinkles occur because cell turnover slows, and skin naturally becomes thinner and less hydrated. Fight signs of ageing with a regular skincare regime using products with active ingredients to help penetrate the skin #Skincare #SkincareTip

Know your skin!


Skin Deep - The Fountain of Youth at Your Fingertips

Skin Care: Beyond the Basics, 4th Edition

All about understanding your skin type. This infographic all about skin will help you decipher the kind of skin you have, and what to do to treat and take care of your skin. #HealthCentral #SkinHealth #Skin

Dermalogica explains the difference between dry and dehydrated skin.

Are You Dry Or Dehydrated?.....Know the difference to choose the right products to treat your skin....kur spa nyc

Infographic showing some skin facts: skin anatomy, how the sun affects the skin.

Anti-aging guide - Apply topical products 20-30 minutes after a shower, giving your skin the chance to rebuild oils.

Cutting down on dairy products can really improve your skin if you are prone to spots and blemishes!

Skin care history...Interesting facial toning exercises.

How To Get Glowing Skin?

Estheticians, skincare specialists, and facial specialists are experts in treatments, techniques, and products that leave skin healthy and beautiful....... Kur <3