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    Skin facts. Very interesting!

    Are you tired of looking older than you feel? Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Belotero rejuvenate your skin and erase years from your appearance. Find out how in this infographic about Botox and facial fillers. Source: www.rejuvenationc...

    Winterize Your Skin!

    Skin-tightening 101: how to keep your youthful skin firm

    Sagging skin is the result of collagen and elastin breaking down over time. Skin becomes looser and thinner and gravity pulls the skin down more. Discover other facts about sagging skin by checking out this infographic from a Scottsdale cosmetic surgeon.

    Dermalogica explains the difference between dry and dehydrated skin.

    All about understanding your skin type. This infographic all about skin will help you decipher the kind of skin you have, and what to do to treat and take care of your skin. #HealthCentral #SkinHealth #Skin

    Estheticians, skincare specialists, and facial specialists are experts in treatments, techniques, and products that leave skin healthy and beautiful....... Kur ♥

    Skin. It’s pretty important in your life. If you didn’t have skin your insides would be all over the place. So it’s a fair assumption that it’s essential to take care of it. And not just in a staying alive kind of way. As you get older so does your skin. And if you’re not careful with your skin you’ll look like a wrinkly old bag of bones before the age of thirty five. This infographic looks at 50 interesting facts about your epidermis.

    What to Drink for Better Skin - Drinks for Skin Glow

    Clear Skin

    Best Anti Aging Products #infografía

    Learn how to take care of your skin and avoid these 5 daily habits that are aging your skin.

    skin care tips

    Shaving vs. waxing: what’s better for your skin? #skin #skincare #waxing #shaving

    The Post-Winter Routine Your Skin Needs #Beauty #Skin #Dermatology #skincare

    Foods for hydrating the skin

    Coconut Oil for Healthy Skin | Organic Facts

    Surprising Facts About Skin Aging

    Know your skin!

    SKIN FACT: Women who go to tanning beds have a 69% increased risk for skin cancer. REPIN THIS IMAGE TO HELP RAISE AWARENESS FOR SKIN CANCER PREVENTION. For every repin, we'll donate 1 DOLLAR to The Skin Cancer Foundation. #SOSSaveOurSkin