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Upside Down Cottage Pie with Broccoli Mash.... just like mum used to make but a bit greener!

Thick and Creamy Italian Gnocchi Chicken Soup

Nothing beats a warm bowl of chicken and dumplings – with an Italian twist! So if you’re on the hunt for a comforting and hearty soup, try out our own thick and creamy version. You’ll fall in love with the rich base and homemade gnocchi. Check out this delicious update of a classic now on Foodal!

Venison Stew Recipe: The Best Venison Stew You’ll Ever Have! To say I love venison would be an understatement. I love everything about it, from the pre-season scouting, the harvesting of the deer, the butchering, to cooking it. Nothing makes me happier than turning a deer into healthy and tasty meals that my family enjoys. One of our favorite ways to have venison is this venison stew. Try and you’ll see that it is the best venison stew you’ve ever had!

Top 20 Slow Cooker Meals for Weight Watchers

When you’re choosing slow cooker weight loss meals, you’ll benefit in two huge ways. First, you get all the crockpot convenience you love. Prepare the ingredients in the morning or at lunch, and then come home to a warm dinner, ready to serve. Here are our Top 20 Slow Cooker Meals for Weight Watchers! #slowcooker #cleaneating #healthyeats

Dutch Oven Recipes For Camping

No camping trip is complete without great food! Cooking for two? Or a crowd? We’ve got outdoor camp meals that can be cooked in cast iron Dutch ovens using charcoal briquettes or tripods and grates over campfires. You’ll love our fun and easy Dutch oven recipes for camping! We have Lemon Blueberry Topped Campfire Dutch Baby + Bacon And Cheese Quiche Dutch Oven Camping Recipe + Hot Italian Sausage Soup Dutch Oven Camping Recipe and more!

Vegan Pesto and Roasted Tomato Pizza

Vegan Pesto Pizza! You'll never guess this pizza was dairy-free! Pumpkin seed pesto topped with sliced tomatoes then roasted to perfection and topped with homemade vegan parmesan cheese! You've gotta try this pizza, even omnivores loved this one. |

Spinach & Bean Burrito Wrap

You’ll love that our Spinach & Bean Burrito Wraps not only tastes amazing, but they are also packed with with tons of nutrients! Each wrap has a whopping 13 grams of protein and one whole cup of spinach. #spinach #bean #burrito

Our very favourite fruit (yep, it’s true, we eat fruit!)

Worried you’ll have to say farewell to fruit if you quit sugar? Fear not! We actually love a little fruit in our diets. We just try to stick to 2–3 small pieces a day (so, in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines), and choose low-fructose options wherever possible. Here’s a breakdown of the fruits we love, and the ones we like to save for special occasions (Note: generally, we stick to half a banana per serve). – I Quit Sugar