"The #HungerGames" was too bloody for British Board of Film Classification, so distributor Lionsgate agreed to make some edits in order to receive the board's 12A classification -- meaning kids under 12 can still see the movie, but with an adult.

District outfits. Now I can finally see what they look like.

#CatchingFire new photo of Katniss and Peeta, #ComicCon panel details

Well, there is this one girl.

Fire is Catching.

District 12

"We are unforgiving." (fan-made)

I'm so Hunger Games to be here.


The Hunger Games' Ironies.

Katniss and Rue

The Mockingjay lives

the hunger games

It is just great that they have two parts in Mockingjay that The Hunger Games will never end too fast.


The Hunger Games<>Catching Fire<>Mockingjay

Amazing + geektastic map of #Panem. #HungerGames

The Hunger Games Explorer

No, you don't understand. This is a line straight out of the book and it made me so happy.

Katniss "The Girl on Fire"...Hunger Games. :)