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  • Julie Arnold

    I came across these directions to an amazing secret paradise in Texas on the upper south side of Lake Travis, near the community of Spicewood. From Austin take Texas 71, turn north on Spur 191, and proceed approximately one mile to Spicewood. Continue traveling north 1.1 miles on Burnet County Road 410 to CR 411, which is a gravel road. Proceed approximately 1.5 miles north to the entrance for the Narrows Recreation Area. Find out more via here. 5. Grímsvötn, Iceland Doesn’t this look like a giant cheesecake with Oreo topping?! Okay maybe not. What you’re really looking at is a deep canyon over sub-glacial lakes next to a volcano in South-East Iceland, which also happens to have the highest eruption frequency of all the volcanoes in Iceland– remember that summer when all the flights got cancelled because of a volcano eruption. That would be this one. Beautiful but probably pretty tricky to visit. via here 6. Moon Bridge Temple China Okay I’m kind of cheating on this one because I have no idea where this place is other than it’s somewhere in China. I don’t really think it’s called Moon Bridge Temple, that’s just the name Tumblr’s and Pinners have given the photograph on the internet. So given that we have no idea where this place is, I’d say it’s pretty hard to reach. Anyone know where this amazing place is?? via here   7. Phuktal Gompa, India early 12th century, the monastery is a unique construction built into the cliffside like a honeycomb. Home to about 70 monks the monastery has a library and prayer room. It can be reached by a five-day trek with porters and guides through the Zanskar valley. via here     8. Underground Rivers of Cancun Part of a large cave system that forms deep under the surface of the Yucatan peninsula, normally you need to be an expert diver to undergo these cave challenges, although at Xcaret ecological park you you can experience this mysterious underwater world with a guide and snorkel through the 5 feet deep underground rivers.  via here     9. Forest Carnival, Romania Another one I’m afraid that’s going to be pretty hard to reach unless any of my readers in Eastern Europe can perhaps help identify where exactly this mysterious carnival in Romania is! via here     10. Ebenalp Hut, Switzerland High in the Swiss alps, this is a mountain hut called Ebenalp. They say you should set your watch back ten years when you enter this region, known as Appenzell. Quaint and rustic, the old hut is built into a cliff at about 5,000 feet just below a mountain peak. Originally a hut housing farmers, goats and cows, it evolved into a guest house for pilgrims coming to the monks for spiritual guidance. Today, the hermit monks are long gone and Ebenalp welcomes touring hikers. It offers cheap dorm beds and hot, hearty plates of Rösti — Switzerland’s addictive cheesy hashbrowns. I’t s run by an elderly couple and their five children and the guest book goes back to 1940. ::: YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: . YOU MIGHT ALSO LIK

  • Artstamper1

    A breathtakingly beautiful place in Texas Hill Country on the Hays/Blanco County line where a coral reef once thrived in land covered by an ocean that is now dry and frozen in time. The Narrows got its name from the narrow appearance of the gorge from above. The gorge widens at the water’s edge; water has eroded potholes into the rocky banks and river bottom. Springs flow from the cliffs and provide moisture for various species of ferns and watercress growing along the banks.

  • JoJo

    ATX has some of the best places to swim. The Narrows. Upper south side of Lake Travis near the community of Spicewood. It is in the Texas Hill Country on the Hays/Blanco County line where a coral reef once thrived.

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