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Living in NYC can be brutal on a car. Therefore, sometimes it is best to be practical. Hey, it most be a good choice for a car in the city since 65% of taxis are now Prius. Go Green

In the struggle with competitors relating to new technology, Toyota has conditionally some position of favorites. Longtime development of hybrid technology pozicirao the Japanese manufacturer in the world top. Fight for the lower emission of harmful

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VA Daily Inspiration 06-17-11

Prius ad

Toyota Prius is much more than just cars and even more than just a "recorder frugality." He, through three generations, has become a symbol of a new idea and a new direction in the automotive industry. However, predictions, and there were countless

According to recent reports Lexus is developing a new sports car that should revitalize the label SC. For now, there is not much information on this model, but as we learn seems to be working or completely new model that will be significantly dif