chair design - Kana Nakanishi, Japan

Nakanishi bench

Rocking Chair - Tomas Vacek

This bench can be configured in different ways and can even be rocker if you want. Twin Bench by Andrea Rekalidis

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cool chairs

Andre Joyau's Bascule Chair is a rocking chair in reclaimed maple with a blackened-steel base.

such a cool & functional design - designer unknown

Softer than steel by Nendo | 695 | Chair

Kube chair


*industrial design, walnut, chair*

Folding Chair

A line of upholstered chairs creating soft surfaces with hard materials by Annie Evelyn of New Colony Furniture. /

Single Cord Lounge. We had some chairs similar to this when I was a kid.

DIY inspiration: Mariana Quinelato's bench clip, use copper pipe and salvaged planks to build an industrial glam' coffee table.

Minimalist Chair love

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