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Reims Cathedral: Notre-Dame at Reims is one of the most famous and influential of all medieval cathedrals, it is best known as the coronation church of the 25 Kings of France--some are: · 1223: Louis VIII the Lion · 1226: Saint Louis IX · 1271: Philippe III the Hardi · 1286: Philippe IV le Bel · 1315: Louis X le Hutin · 1317: Philip V le Long · 1322: Charles IV l...

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The Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, Ottawa, Canada.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica - Ottawa, Canada

Saint Chapelle, Paris, France - This Gothic chapel is considered one of the highest achievements of the Rayonnant period. It's most prominent feature is the upper level, which is encompassed by floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows. My Art History I teacher described her experience here as "being inside of a jewelry box"

The cloisters in the Gloucester Cathedral in England, captured on an early morning visit by Steven Meyer-Rassow. It's beyond my comprehension how an artist elevates their dreams to such a tangible, touchable, magnificent thing. My father's family is from very near here, and I long to visit to not only discover that part of my roots, but to be able to stand quietly absorbing spaces like this into my being. -- Eve.