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    Have you ever wondered, is my house haunted? Well if you have then you've just found one of the best web sites ever to help you answer that question. Over the last 50 years or so I've saw paranormal activity I know was very real. Often too real. And here I'm going to tell you how to tell if your hou...

    On Halloween Night 1961 This House Was The Scene Of A Horrific Triple Murder. Two Peoples Heads Were Cut Off And Rolled Down The Steps. A 94 year old woman's body was never found though it is known she was murdered that night. Who did the gruesome triple murder has never been discovered. It happened though on Halloween night 1961. That much we do know. Who did it or why we don't know. Ever since that night there have been reports of paranormal activity in the house.

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      Signs Your House Is Haunted And What To Do About It. Plus A Great Ghost Story. Is your house haunted or do you think it might be. Then read the information and ghost stories you can find by clicking the photo. The house in the photo is a infamous murder house.

    • Thomas Byers

      The Old Beam House. The Scene Of A Horrific Double Murder And One Of The Most Haunted Houses In North Carolina. A Woman's Head Rolls Down The Steps.

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      Is Your House Haunted. Mine Is. Do you know what to do or what you can do if your house is haunted. I've seen ghosts and other paranormal activity for years and I know that ghosts and paranormal activity are very real. What do you believe?

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      Signs Your House Is Haunted And What To Do About It. Plus A Great Ghost Story. On Halloween night in 1961, this house was the scene of a gruesome triple murder. The body of one of the victims, a 94yr old woman, has NEVER been found, but from the scene found in her bedroom, it was clear that she had indeed been murdered.

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      Signs Your House Is Haunted And What To Do About It. Plus A Great Ghost Story.

    • Thomas Byers

      Real Satantic Cult Murders In North Carolina | Paranormal

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    You'd never guess that this cheery yellow house was the site of one of the most violent and terrifying hauntings in history, but in 1974, it was home to a case so scary a film was based on it's events.The August 22, 1974 in Culver City, California, researchers Kerry Gaynor and Barry Taff were giving a lecture at a local bookstore on paranormal research. They were approached by a woman about 30 years old named Doris Bither who lived in a small house with her family. Bither overheard th...

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    Murder caught on Google Maps : a murder scene caught on Google maps, 2 men throwing body in water in an image form 2009 in Google Maps

    Many believe the secret to the dolls lies in the history of the house and property. During a two-week cold wave in the winter of 1871, a train crashed two-hundred feet from the house, killing 22 people on impact. Often times the dolls are found pointing towards the area of the crash site. Other times, they’re discovered with their heads looking towards the only other historical house left of the street, which has sat abandoned for many years. The house was built in 1845

    McPike Mansion, Alton, IL - was built in 1869 and is one of the most investigated haunted sites in America. By the 1970's the mansion was falling into ruin. Activity includes disembodied sounds of movement, objects moving on their own, physical attacks and apparitions. Several psychics that have visited have reported a violent male entity that has attacked female visitors.

    Villisca Murder House- read about some hauntingly creepy houses with violent histories.

    Yes, I am! If I could, I would start my own paranormal research business. Yes, I love it that much =)

    Is Reincarnation Possible: This has detailed research by an M.D. that is a psychiatrist about reincarnation. It also has information from another M.D. and psychiatrist that has found hundreds of cases of children remembering past lives. The picture is of a woman on the right learning that she was the woman on the left in her past life. As far as soul mates, below this picture is a picture of her husband on the right and her father from her past life on the left being the same soul.

    Caroleen Bridge, NC - Back in 1943 a pair of elderly sisters were making their way back from a trip to South Carolina when their car was run off the road during a vicious thunderstorm. The car ended up in the river and the sisters both died. Since then, people passing through the area have reported picking the sisters up during thunderstorms, only to have them disappear from the vehicles as they pass over the bridge. Ghost hunters have recorded EVPs in the area of a woman asking for help.

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    This pic was taken at the Crumlin Road Prison in Belfast, Ireland -17 executions, multiple murders and suicides have all happened here. This photo was taken near Cell 13 where prisoners would spend their last night before execution -he jumped into a standing coffin for a photo op and as it turned out,he wasn't alone!

    In 1946, Mrs. Andrews took this picture of her deceased daughter's gravestone in Queensland, Australia. Her daughter had been just 17 when she'd died the previous year. When the film was developed, Mrs. Andrews was shocked to see the image of an infant girl looking directly into her camera. There had been no children in the cemetery that day. Years later Australian paranormal researcher Tony Healy investigated and found the graves of two infant girls very near to Mrs. Andrews' daughter's grave.

    THEPARANORMALGUIDE: The Hello Kitty Murder - Abduction, torture, murder, haunting and a Hello Kitty doll stuffed with a skull… Click HERE for the full article over at THE PARANORMAL GUIDE! HTTP://THEPARANORMALGUIDE.TUMBLR.COM/ to see my posts in your feed!)


    J.B. Moore and his family, including two visiting relatives, were murdered in this home by an intruder on June 12, 1912. The case remains unsolved, but suspects at the time included a traveling preacher and then-U.S. Senator Frank F. Jones. Jones was a business partner of Moore's, and the two had bitterly parted ways in the weeks before the murder. The landmark Villisca Axe Murder House now operates as a museum…a fate not uncommon to properties too spooky for residential use.

    This photo taken at Georgia’s Historic Worley B Inn shows what appears to be a man resting on a bed. However, he wasn’t there when the photo was taken. According to L.E.M.U.R. Paranormal Investigations, the ghost might belong to a teen who died in the home in the late 1800s.

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    The ghosts here are numerous. In a small room at the rear of the house a pile of baby skeletons was found, supposedly the victims of some inept doctor; today, babies can be heard crying the walls. There was a mass murder when some of the Nazis were machine gunned to death in a political dispute; their discussions can be heard throughout the house. There are rumors of an axe murder in the front tower room, the victim of which is occasionally seen standing in the window.

    New Jersey Haunted House This house was abandoned in 1913 in Cape May, New Jersey after the mother and father murdered their five children. The motive for the brutal muders has never been determined. Their farm and property was turned over to the Town and has since been a vacant shell of its former self..