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Lizzie Borden Axe Murder House Paranormal activity is said to occur within the house, which is now a bed and breakfast/ museum.

Thomas Byers added an image in National Ghost Information Center | Kumbuya

Thomas Byers added an image in National Ghost Information Center | Kumbuya

Thomas Byers added an image in National Ghost Information Center | Kumbuya

Claims have been made by the property owner that the ghost of Sharon Tate and the others that died along side of her were haunting the location of the murders. Voices of a woman asking to "take her away" and moaning along with footsteps and visions are reported by the occupants of the house at the old ill fated address. Sharon Tate, the actress and wife of film director Roman Polanski, was brutally murdered in 1969. She was with friends at home when the Mason Family members invaded their home.

On December 12th 1963 a man got up out of his grave where he had been buried and attacked the house where he had lived when he was alive. There is no doubt the event happened we just don't know the exact details. Or do we. Here at last is the best documented zombie attack in modern times. If your intio the paranormal and zombies you'll want to be sure to read this story.

Have You Ever Seen Real Paranormal Activity. In the photo here is a shadow person. This photo is real and was not faked. It was taken in a old closed down nursing home. Why that woman is often seen there is not known but she is. She is seen setting in that chair all the time. She also plays a piano that is there in the room with her. Many people have heard her playing the piano including myself. Why is she there. Why not comment here and tell us what you think.

Greenbrier Ghost. This is a very interesting story where the ghost of a deceased young woman revealed that she had in fact died of murder and not some misfortune. Head to this link for more: www.theparanormal...

THEPARANORMALGUIDE: The Hello Kitty Murder - Abduction, torture, murder, haunting and a Hello Kitty doll stuffed with a skull… Click HERE for the full article over at THE PARANORMAL GUIDE! HTTP://THEPARANORMALGUIDE.TUMBLR.COM/ to see my posts in your feed!)

Solved cold case of the murder of "Tent Girl" a young woman's body found in Georgetown, Kentucky 1968 bundled in a green tarpaulin.

Estelle Stead (note the correction of her name at the top). Her father, William T Stead, was a writer interested in paranormal subjects, who died on the Titanic. Estelle sought contact with her father's spirit for many years after that, and wrote about her experiences in seances and with mediums. There's a spirit photograph of Estelle Stead that looks like this woman only older.