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Signs Your House Is Haunted And What To Do About It. Plus A Great Ghost Story.

Have you ever wondered, is my house haunted? Well if you have then you've just found one of the best web sites ever to help you answer that question. Over the last 50 years or so I've saw paranormal activity I know was very real. Often too real. And here I'm going to tell you how to tell if your hou...
  • Thomas Byers

    Signs Your House Is Haunted And What To Do About It. Plus A Great Ghost Story. Is your house haunted or do you think it might be. Then read the information and ghost stories you can find by clicking the photo. The house in the photo is a infamous murder house.

  • Debra Robinson

    Is Your House Haunted. Mine Is. Do you know what to do or what you can do if your house is haunted. I've seen ghosts and other paranormal activity for years and I know that ghosts and paranormal activity are very real. What do you believe?

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The Night The Ghost Got In , A True Ghost Story In 2001 I was living in Newberry South Carolina with my girlfriend in a garage apartment on Boundary Street just up the street from the old Boundary Street Cemetery. Before 2001 I had believed in ghosts and paranormal activity but in 2001 in Newbe

VILLESCA AXE MURDERING HOUSE...a photo taken by a paranormal group that has possibly 3 of the children that were brutaly murdered. You be the judge! (2012)

Lizzie Borden Axe Murder House Paranormal activity is said to occur within the house, which is now a bed and breakfast/ museum.

Have You Ever Seen Real Paranormal Activity. In the photo here is a shadow person. This photo is real and was not faked. It was taken in a old closed down nursing home. Why that woman is often seen there is not known but she is. She is seen setting in that chair all the time. She also plays a piano that is there in the room with her. Many people have heard her playing the piano...

Note the correction on the Name... "pennylrichardsca (21 months ago | reply) Actress Estelle Stead? Her father William T Stead was a writer interested in paranormal subjects, who died on the Titanic. Estelle Stead sought contact with her father's spirit for many years after that, and wrote about her experiences in seances and with mediums. There's a spirit photograph of Estelle Stead that looks like this woman only older. more on linked page

An extremely rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln taken during his brief yet memorable stint as a paranormal investigator and eliminator circa 1864.~ how cool is that??

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The S.K. Pierce Mansion, also known as “The Victorian,” has been “certified haunted” by mediums and paranormal experts. The home, located in Gardner, MA, was built by chair manufacturer S.K. Pierce in 1875. The most active ghost reported in the home is a 19-year-old woman, thought to be one of Pierce’s servants. Other spirits include a man who perished in 1963 in a fire, and a small boy.

One particular room (room No 2) in St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Dublin, has been associated with demonic apparitions, suicide and paranormal activity for over 150 years. In the mid 19th century in Room Two of Rhetoric House, two young seminarists took their own lives, nineteen years apart, and the room has been the source of many tales ever since...

Partial Bodied Apparition...

Took this picture of my friend. There seems to be a strange moving light behind her. We were out by a lake and there was nothing behind us. There have been some strange (possibly paranormal?) things happening to her recently .

This is a graveyard near by to where I live. Notice all the orbs in the air. It was 26 degrees when this photo was taken so no those are not insects. I've watched orbs act very intelligent in this cemetery. And I see the most orbs ever in this cemetery. I don't know why. It makes one wonder what is really going on here. Why is this particular cemetery a hot bed of paranormal activity. Many people have told of seeing multiple ghosts in this cemetery. Please comment with your thoughts here.