A swimming pool that's decorated like a room underneath! SO crazy!

So crazy

Beautiful blue mosaic swimming pool. BLUE IS MY SUMMER COLOR!

at the pool

Games you can play with your pussy

indoor pool

Beach Inspired Pool. Omg! Love!

Infinity Pool


Bora Bora --- The beaches are white and the water looks like jewels...so awesome! We were told you can walk in the water out one mile to the coral reef.....we also visited Bloody Mary's here.....interesting beautiful island.

The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Rock pools Canada Located halfway between Ucluelet and Port Alberni, the Rock Pools is a popular tourist attraction for people who want to cool their toes into its icy waters. During sizzling summer days, this place is perfect for sunbathing

Nemo 33... the world's deepest pool. I just bought my plane ticket to Brussels and I'm going scuba diving there next weekend.

plunge pool

I cant wait until I start making money I really want to travel to exotic places like this with my man! Awesome waterfall | (10 Beautiful Photos)

What kinda crazy ad is this??

Don't Try This At Home, Kids

haha creepy!!

This is Rupaul at his high school prom, the way she is looking at him, I do believe she thinks she is gettin' some later....she is mistaken. oh honey, you are so mistaken.

One day, the bell pepper finally snapped

Oh gosh.