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Awwww such a simpler time. It's almost ancient seeing them so young and easily amused and excited. He's excited over a kiss, that's all that mattered then. :)

Hamilton AU where everything is the same they just play rock paper scissors instead

Laughing.Out.Loud. The most scary man in AOS can't acttivate a holo-table>>> he is cute though!

funny, the 100, the hundred, raven reyes, lindsey morgan

We've all been there xD "I have to go now they'll think I'm pooping" -Finn on Glee

1x03 Things You Can't Outrun [gifset] - The one with the Big Belly Burger. I eat. - Harrison Wells, Cisco Ramon, The Flash

This is Zola asking a famous neurosurgeon a few questions on how to heal Bucky's wounds. This is my design.