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Oman | "Silver rings dangle from her ears, a country girl dons family wealth for a visit to Matrah, Oman's largest city. The tooled case contains Koran verses for good luck. At puberty, wealthy girls begin wearing veils before strangers" | Image and text from National Geographic, February 1973, from the article 'Oman, Land of Frankincense and Oil.' Text and photos Robert Azzi.

Siren (Getty Museum)Greek, about 500 B.C. Gold.In Greek mythology, the siren lured men to their deaths with its singing.A popular motif on engraved Greek gems and rings around 500 B.C. and continued into the Classical period.Bezels and rings were constructed separately,with the bezel added above a hollow, box-like compartment that was part of the tapering hoop.Engraved gold rings like this one were often used to impress an image on a clay or wax seal.

Signet-ring. Sintered quartz scarab set in gold mount. It has flattened bow-shaped hoop of electrum, the edges of which are set into gold covered collars. Fine wire is neatly wound around each shoulder, to half the circumference. The scarab is broken but complete. Human-headed sphinx wearing the Red Crown of Lower Egypt (?) forms the principal element in the design; in front is falcon holding a flail.

Halloween creepy doll Starting with a baby doll begin by pulling all hair out and remove her limbs. Using Martha Stewart crackle paint. Start by painting her body black. A must is using Martha's primer first before the crackle. Using a knife to apply crackle, work 1 limb at a time then immediately use a hair dryer to heat and dry. You'll see the paint start to crackle right away. Bigger cracks the thicker you apply the crackle paint, thinner cracks with less applied. After all parts are…