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Repair Hair Mask with Macrocystis Pyrifera (10ml x 15pcs)

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Kimtrue Repair Hair Mask with Macrocystis Pyrifera (10ml x 15pcs) Suitable for all kinds of hairs, especially good for damaged hair Efficacy: Carefully selected macrocystis pyrifera extract 1 from the coast of California. Blended with 8X seaweed essence 2 and hydrolyzed keratin to effectively help improve dry and damaged hair while nourishing and repairing damaged hair, restores the strength and original texture of your hair and makes the hair full of elasticity and shine. 1.Extract of MACROCYSTIS PYRIFERA 2.The FUCUS VESICULOSUS extract included in the formula is 8 times that of KIMTRUE Seaweed Extract Hair Conditioner. Major Features:  Triple Nourishing Formula:  First, ✔panthenol: helps the hair to maintain a certain water content, moisturizes hair and increases hair toughness, prevent bifurcation of hair tips, and remains on the hair to extended protection and resist external injuries to the hair; Second, ✔hydrolyzed keratin: rich in collagen, silk peptide, intercellular lipid and components that increases hair luster. Its special biological structure brings unique biological repair capability to fill the holes in the hair core. Restore the original elasticity and toughness of the hair and increase the resistance. Third, ✔extract of Macrocystis Pyrifera: Macrocystis Pyrifera captured in an ecological way from the wild Pacific coast of California is rich in minerals, sugars and brown algae polyphenols, which can provide nutrition and antioxidant properties; it helps to enhance cell regeneration potential. It is full of nutrients and protects against pollution.  Power of Two "Algaes" 1.MACROCYSTIS PYRIFERA extract: It is a new kind of algae extract in KIMTRUE. As a symbol of the vitality of marine organisms. MACROCYSTIS PYRIFERA is not only the longest family in the world of algaes, but also an extremely fast-growing organic organism on the earth. According to records, the longest ones can reach as long as 300-500m and weigh 200kg. A MACROCYSTIS PYRIFERA alone can build a "marine forest". 2. FUCUS VESICULOSUS extract:       * Same main ingredients as lamer cream The content of FUCUS VESICULOSUS in KIMTRUE Repair Hair Mask is 8 times that of that of KIMTRUE Seaweed Extract Hair Conditioner. The power of the two "algaes" cooperate effectively to help improve dry and damaged hair while nourishing and repairing damaged hair, restore the strength and original texture of your hair and make the hair full of elasticity and shine. Hair mask packed in small bags is refreshing and fragrant ✔The hair mask is packed in portable small bags, and you can use it anywhere anytime in your journey ✔ The freshest nutrition of hair mask is kept in the sealed aluminum foil bag in a safe and sanitary manner,  so it will not go bad.    ✔ 10ml/bag is sufficient to provide the most effective hair repair. ✘ No bottles and tins; no repeated opening and closing  ✘ Avoid inactivation of ingredients; Avoid wasting and grease Ingredients: Water, dimethiconol, cetanol, behentrimonium chloride, hydroxyethylurea, behenyl alcohol, dipropylene glycol, panthenol, glycerol, propylene glycol,cetearyloctanoate, methoxy PEG/PPG-7/3 aminopropyl dimethicone, fucus vesiculosus extract, macrocystis pyrifera extract, dimethiconol, cetrimonium chloride, hydrolyzed keratin, panthenyl hydroxypropyl steardimonium chloride, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, ethylhexylglycerin, butanediol, (daily) fragrance essence, EDTA disodium, citric acid Usage: Once the hair is 80% dry after washing, open the package and squeeze to apply the product in the palm, apply to the damaged hair, gently massage the hair, allow the product stay for 3 minutes before rinsing with plenty of clean water. Recommended use: 2-3 times a week. Caution: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water. Stop using if you experience any discomfort.
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