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adopt. save lives. treat them like your children. they are. respect how blessed you are to be able to save lives, and show so by treating them amazingly well. if you breed, know that most of the dogs you sell will be rehomed or put into shelters, most shelter dogs were purchased.

Pittire Luv

Stop Animal Cruelty! If you witness or hear about animal cruelty taking place, report it to your local humane organization or call your local police.

agree & share.....I want to pin this so I am pinning on my Orange/Peach board since none of my others will work. Please repin!

animal cruelty. I say if a person will hurt animals, they will hurt a child, or anyone really. I hate abuse of any kind. People or otherwise. Report ALL abuse.

Love your animals please!!! #dogquotes It's so cruel when dogs are tied up outside! All they want is to be by your side, after all you are the leader of the pack! My animals are all wanted in my home!

Patrick, a true survivor

Stop killing animals for their fur! Take a stand! If we stop buying, they will stop killing!! Go faux, save an innocent animal!

YES. Everyone should read the list of the companies that test on animals.

Sen. Robert Byrd's eloquent speech about ending animal cruelty: "The affection that a dog provides is not only unlimited, it is unqualified, unconditional..." There is much more to his speech, which he delivered in an effort to end not only cruelty against dogs, but cruelty in animal farming.