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"Discover the Unique Roots Of Your Love Affair With The Hoop" An extraordinary Journaling Excercise. The events leading up to the moment that you fell in love with hooping can reveal much about what brought the hoop into your life, what called you to it and what attracted it to you. | Hooposophy | @Meadow Thomas Dot Org | Superhooper.org

Discover the Unique Roots of Your Love Affair With the Hoop

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Hooping is an amazingly fun way to get your body moving! Pure joy in movement.

Hoop life changes lol

Free, Confession Ecard: All my friends are having these real big life changes. My biggest life change, is the size change of my next hula hoop!

Hooping - Awesome Isolations

Thriller: Zombie Hoop Dance (Go to the board- its full of videos)

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It’s question I get asked almost everyday “what size hula hoop should i buy?

Hula Hoop DIY:  How to Make a Collapsible Hula Hoop (and a regular hula hoop)

Hula Hoop DIY: Fill portion of pipe with water to allow hoop to sink upright for diving obstacles

Hula Hoop and Hoop Tape Calculator

Chop up a hula hoop and use as a base for foraging toys.

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"Some days you should just HulaHoop in your best dress barefoot.