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Gestalt Theory

ERIC The designer only uses the black dots and yellow circles to draw the Dalmatian. The principles of Gestalt law are used well in this image such as similarity and proximity. People recognise the Dalmatian by their black spots; the designer uses these dots as the spots, eyes, and ears. The curved line of the nose has a strong influence and gives the idea of the dog.


Paul Rand's logos

Borzoi Books, Alfred A Knopf Inc., 1945, designed by Paul Rand

Closure Because our brain organizes things into a gestalt, we see a cube when there is really only eight squares with lines through them

This demonstrates the continuation principle in Gestalt. The semi-circle of the golf swing is continued down to the actual golf club and golfer.

This falls under Gestalts law of similarity. The triangles inside are similar to each other because they share the fact that they are inverted inside a normal triangle.

This image is an example of the gestalt law of similarity. The mind groups similar elements such as form into collective components.