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It's funny because the older I get, the more accurate this becomes. I'm caring less and less haha

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The Top 6 Most Meme-Worthy Dogs Attempt To Break The Internet

Nothing satisfies like a hilarious dog meme. Take a cute pic, add a funny caption, and we’re on board. But let’s face it, some breeds are more meme-able than others. Below is our primer of the six most memed breeds, along with the meme movements they inspired.

Funny Breakup Ecard: I'm sorry, I didn't realize when you said you weren't like the rest of them, you meant you were worse.

Funny Confession Ecard: I hate Periods. Out of all things, why blood? Why can't it be fairy dust or glitter or something pretty?!

#scientists say the #universe is made up of #protons #neutrons and #electrons but they forgot #morons #LetsGetWordy

I'm always forced to do things that I'm not qualified for Like being nice to others.