Shelf paper with a scalloped edge. I get so effing excited when I find this kind of stuff! Not that I'll ever actually use it because... well... then it is sort of gone if you know what I mean. Even if it's in my own house. Hahaha!

SO much to love. Look above the cabinets at the lighting strip. Look now at the angle-fronted bric-a-brac shelf over the sink. Note the right angled dish sink; now note the prep sink with a stool in front of it. How about the built in fridge/freezer combo?


39 inch early 1950s turquoise stove!

1956, Better Homes & Garden, Mid Century Kitchen in turquoise and brown. Love the Formica counters. I miss Formica. Here in CA, it is all tile counter tops. Sigh.

1963 Geneva steel kitchen

Detail from a 1956 Frigidaire Ad. Aaaahhhh! I want a fridge with changeable color panels!!!

1959 ad for Rubbermaid kitchen sink pads and drainrack in turquoise. 1959.

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I would find it hard to leave my kitchen if it was this size, this pink, and this fabulous.

1956. Original 35mm Kodachrome slide (Even their paper towels are pink!)

St Charles steel kitchen ad, 1956

St Charles steel kitchen in purple. 1959

old love

Old Tin Mailbox.

vintage plate rack

vintage clock scale from Farmhouse Wares