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    Shelf paper with a scalloped edge. I get so effing excited when I find this kind of stuff! Not that I'll ever actually use it because... well... then it is sort of gone if you know what I mean. Even if it's in my own house. Hahaha!

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This kitchen is up for grabs right now in Cincinnati, Ohio. Not only are you looking at pink steel cabinets, look at those fabulous floor tiles, the charcoal grey countertops and.... THAT WALLPAPER! Allie Weaver on Facebook has just posted this kitchen that they're tearing out of their home. If you're interested, find her on FB and save this beauty.

So much to admire. The harlequin diamond flooring is easy to miss amongst everything else there is to admire, but don't overlook that. The unit stove that is in the middle of the room and given a 'built in' look. The side by side giant fridge and upright freezer. The angled laminate counter. The corrugated sliding glass, angled under-cabinets over desk and laundry. The pair of hanging light fixtures. The family room blending right into the kitchen area. This is perfection.

I want her pink dishwasher and her pink washer/dryer combo. I covet.

I am in love with this kitchen. Pink laminate counters with red laminate edge? Yes! I do not know if the cabinet doors are laminate or what appear to be glass-fronted. This is a fantastical kitchen. Also, I like the vent hood which is just an unobtrusive pipe so as to leave the space unencumbered. WIN!

If I had money to throw around, I would buy this $1,400 fridge (on CL right now) because it is sooooo perfect and beauteous!

Some serious kitchen porn right here. I love the GE Mark 27. So cool. Wish they had done gas appliances. But being General ELECTRIC, that was not in the cards.

I die. (Lady Kenmore pink washer and dryer with AGH! copper trim)

1960 Schöner Wohnen Heft 3 - Pastellküche I am mad for slant-front kitchen cabinetry.

Second screenshot I just took of the kitchen of a time-capsule house that is for sale in Texas.

Screenshot I just took of a house up for sale in Texas. Love, love, love a time-capsule kitchen. ♥

(I hope the table swings out!) “Cozy Nooks,” the famous built-in breakfast nooks, featuring lifetime Naugahyde upholstery with genuine matching Formica table tops - any size, shape or style. ARIZONA FIXTURE MANUFACTURING CORP.Phoenix, Arizona

1959 ad for Rubbermaid kitchen sink pads and drainrack in turquoise. 1959.

Daystrom formica topped kitchen tables/dinettes. 1958

Kentile Linoleum, 1953

Be jealous. Another of my faves awaiting framing. MERMAIDS!!!! O-Cel-O, 1951

Textolite laminate, 1957

From the publication Kitchen Ideas for 1959: "Practical flooring offers variety, beauty". Give me those pink and turquoise harlequin diamond tiles immediately!!!!

from the publication: Kitchen Ideas for 1959: "Pink, after years of popularity, continues to win friends." "It can be used in a big way in kitchens"!!!!

"Huge diamonds painted on doors are a sophisticated repeat of harlequin pattern wallpaper."

Giant two page ad for the new Textolite pattern: Spungold. I lust after the pink for my kitchen. Sigh.

Gray polka dot wall paper? Yes please!

1948 Armstrong linoleum

1948 Armstrong Kitchen with Working Pantry. Love it. Everything. All of it.

Purple! Great bold lines. 1956 Armstrong Modern Kitchen

St Charles purple steel cabinets, 1950s