How did this even come to happen? Who thought "Wow, that would be an awesome Christmas photo"? How uncomfortable is Santa? How will sax-boy ever explain this to anyone, ever?

I'm not sure what's creepier, the kids blank expression or the way the dummy is eyeballing the kid like he's going to be the real boy...

with boobs that big what is the point of even putting on a bathing suit??? hello the sag to ur ankles. better yet get a moo moo. problem solved.

On second thought, keep it simple this year. Merry Awkward Christmas from AFP! (submitted by Herman)

poor cat.

uuum? im sorry but your fat ass is devouring those poor shorts save what you can!! please for humanitys sake!!

Legging abuse is real and we MUST put a stop to it. Flesh-toned leggings are an automatic FAIL. Never forget.

Christmas is coming early this year!

WHY HAVEN'T I EVER THOUGHT OF THIS?????? Lifehack: Turn Your Hoodie Into A Popcorn Holder

I'm never getting pregnant.

Best yearbook photo EVER.



There was a hair spray shortage the day this family went to take pictures!

GIRL PLEASE! Wet finger in an electrical socket hair?

That's hot

someecards in the dark | - I hate it when it's dark and my brain is like,

EVERYTHING about this is just WRONG!!! lol

Gross...lmao @Larissa Jarrell ...this made me laugh so hard... thought you'd like it

the more you look at it.. i can't take it...