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How did this even come to happen? Who thought "Wow, that would be an awesome Christmas photo"? How uncomfortable is Santa? How will sax-boy ever explain this to anyone, ever?

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23 Times When Walmart Didn't Disappoint

When this pair of DTF panties showed up. | 23 Times When Walmart Didn't Disappoint

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Asymmetric Man-Thongs Are The Most Insane Thing A Man Can Wear This Summer

Gross :man thongs

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12 "Bagel Head" Transformations

Wierd Japanese Trend: A "bagel head" is created by injecting saline into a forehead, then pushing down on the center of the resulting bump. The look lasts between 16 and 24 hours. What the...??

I love tattoos .... One of my best friends and very favorite people is a tattoo artist ... But doesn't there come a point in time to say it's enough!!??



Congratulations Gregory

Bet he thought he was just an old man and an easy target! 😆😂 This makes my day! This is a legitimate case of self defense. It is sickening how some people target children, seniors and animals to attack or steal from them. COWARDS....think again this dude is lucky he ran into a boxer that chose to take him on toe to toe, man to creep rather than pulling a gun! He's my hero!

weird and strange people | Interesting, Odd, or Funny Pics Thread - Page 229 - Australian Land ... - shop online:)

WHY HAVEN'T I EVER THOUGHT OF THIS?????? Lifehack: Turn Your Hoodie Into A Popcorn Holder

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Favorite “PINS” Thursday

There was a hair spray shortage the day this family went to take pictures!