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Completely and utterly

Verb - used with all things 50 shades to dominate or preoccupy thoughts, feelings or desires with all things related to Fifty Shades of Grey to think about Fifty shades of Grey persistently or unceasingly

For 25 years, millions of loyal fans have enjoyed Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers from the comfort of their thrones. Now, you can take these great books with you wherever you go, thanks to these classic titles in the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader eBook format, as well as the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader app.

Uncle John’s Heavy Duty Bathroom Reader - I love these books! They have the best trivia, useful and useless information.

What is a Clear Spring? Spring is always Clear, always Warm and always Light, how can those beautiful colors be diluted?   #Clear Spring

Flow Seasonal Color Analysis, 12 or 16 Seasons? What's that all about?

That's simply brilliant ! Rotating Socket Outlet #clever. For Geeks who buy electronics while abroad ! #travel

Slot Machine Power Plugs - Forget about those clunky power converters this rotating power outlet is where it’s at. The ingenious design allows you to use any gadget wit.

Books for New Beginnings

15 books for new routines and fresh starts.

15 books for new beginnings and fresh starts: a book list for creating routines, rhythms, habits, and clean slates in your life this fall.