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  • Tamara Orner

    Food Plants To Grow Indoors

  • Jennifer Miller

    Grow an avocado plant from the seed...and other great gardening projects suitable for kids. And adults.

  • Lisa Contreras

    Avocado Pit to an Indoor Tree: Take a pit from a ripe avocado. Wash it well to remove any traces of fruit & allow to dry for a few days. Suspend pit in a glass of water. Once the growth roots are about 2", plant it in a pot of soil. See page for more details. If you like doing things the hard way. The easy way is to rinse and throw your Avocado pits in your compost bin. I went looking for worms, and found live avocado trees sprouted in the container.

  • Emylee Grimaldi

    growing plants indoors. including planting avocado seeds

  • Pinning Towards Understanding

    Growing Avocado Tree indoors

  • Olivia Gray

    growing food

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How to grow an avocado tree Wrap in moist paper towel and place in a ziploc baggy, seal. Place bag in a warm, sunny spot or somewhere warm (ideas: top of fridge, your computer monitor, television, under sink). Once it starts sprouting and the roots are about 2″ long, plant in 10" diameter pot. Water when soil is dry, feed plant food 1/2 times a month.

Start seedlings in an egg shell and, when ready, plant the entire thing. The egg shells will naturally compost providing valuable nutrients to your plants.

  • Judy Giese

    Wondering if you can plant herbs like this also?

  • Stephanie Aita

    This will be a fun project for my kids to do!

  • Kathy Yandura

    The egg shells really get soft and compost? I never thought about doing this. well, we add egg shell to a compost pile, so why not this?? lol!

  • lila

    super idée, ce sont des pépins de citron je suppose.

  • monica garcia

    Love it! Good for the plant and the enviroment!!!!

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How to Grow An Avocado Tree~I've done this. It takes some patients but it's worth it. The plants are beautiful!

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Grow an Avocado Tree from the pit (for a houseplant, it probably won't produce fruit). After drying, the pit is suspended in a glass of water and once there is root growth of about 2″, it can be planted in a pot of soil and tended to as a houseplant. If your climate allows, you can plant this outdoors.

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