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The evolution of Batman logo

The Evolution Of The Batsymbol - Eddie Persson Saldanha-Olson

The evolution of Robin. Dick Grayson will always be my favorite <3

dick grayson, jason todd, tim drake , stephanie brown, damian wayne (all the robins)

Evolución de Robin

rileyinahalfshell: My best friend Kyle and I are getting matching Robin/Batman Logo tattoos in the appropriate places sometime in the next month or so. I personally think Jason Todd’s symbol from 2010 is the coolest.<That's a great idea!

I'd be a Superhero!

Funny pictures about The Evolution of Batman. Oh, and cool pics about The Evolution of Batman. Also, The Evolution of Batman.

Batman 1st and last

A history of Batman games

Batman Video Game Timeline(not accurate as to consoles it was on)

Because he's Deadpool | DailyFailCentral

This motherfucker killed Captain fucking America. this bitch is gonna die.